Capricorn Yoake Capricorn
These Mystical nine-tailed canines are bold and fearless, especially when it comes to protecting family.
Class Striker
Attack StarStarStar
Defense Star
Rarity Uncommon


Physical Attack and LeveledEdit

  • Bodyslam (1-3)
  • Piledriver

Zodiac Attack and LeveledEdit

  • Searing Bite(1-3)
  • Ferocious Bark

Special Attack and Random AbilityEdit

  • Zodiac Vulnerability (Lower your opponent's defense against Zodiac attacks.)
  • Precision (Increased chance of scoring Critical Hits.)



Evolves to Juggernaut

vierika Moga CardEdit

Note: Do you find Fenix on the fringe of the card? This picture was posted by the official page of Monster Galaxy long before the release of Fenix. Did they design Fenix right from the beginning...?


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