"Yaras skitter along beaches looking for sun-addled men to trick into mistaking them for beautiful women."

--Moga Dex, Monster Galaxy

Rarity: Super Rare

Zodiac: Cancer

Type: Defensive


Attack: 2

Defense: 4

Trivia: Yara is another go-to-moga if you're new to Monster Galaxy. It is not that hard to capture, to be honest. Yara is a kind of moga which is worth for all your starseed. Its 'Happy Feet' skill allows it to most likely dodge any attacks and special effects from enemies. If that is not enough, Yara can gives itself Shield Of Thorns as a random ability when your Yara is above lvl 11, which can counter monsters with Deadeye or Clumsy, as they take damage instantly eventhough the enemies can land their attack.

Good luck with your Yara!


A red crab with a woman's face.


Mangrove Shallows, Shellstone Lighthouse, Sandswirl Beach, Sandswirl Point,


Physical: Kick / Roundhouse

Zodiac: Crabslap / Crabsalad (11 lvl, Shield of Thorns)

Special Attack: Happy Feet (Improved Dodging Ability)

Random Ability:Shield of Thorns (Chance of damaging opponent when attacked)