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wets summer road
Difficulty Easy
Lv 1 Prize
[[File:{{{Zodiac}}}.png|link=]] West Summer Road [[File:{{{Zodiac}}}.png|link=]]

Lv 2 Prize
[[File:{{{Zodiac}}}.png|link=]] West Summer Road [[File:{{{Zodiac}}}.png|link=]]

Lv 3 Prize Template:West Summer Road
West Summer Road is your first area after your home.

Parrafo Esto Es Parr su Misión Captura un negro

You could find this in Sunshire Map.


  • crabone (Quest)
  • Lainedeer (Quest)
  • Crabone ( only to start game )
  • Lepus (Quest)
  • War Lepus (Quest)


  • Capture Beefee!
  • Find Lainedeer! (Limited)
  • Find Crabone! (only on start game)

Level of MogasEdit

  • Lv.20
  • Depending your Moga's highest level in your team ( Crabone )

West Summer Road • [[]]

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