As in, do we still have active mods? If so, could I be upgraded to mod status? I would love to add a custom theme for the wiki and make it look, you know, like a Monster Galaxy wiki, not this terrible general theme.

Also, @MarrylLuna, if you're going to make/upload new infoboxes for the Mogas, at least delete the old ones first. We don't need two, and half yours are just thrown in at random on the page and mess up the flow. Personally, I like the way our existing ones look; they have all the nesesary information and nothing useless like "Physiological look-alike(s)". Sorry to discount your hard work, but I'm going to remove them if you don't. I'll leave them if we don't have an old version of the infobox for that Moga, but running in here and doing your own thing with no regard for how we have things set up is a bad move.

That said, sorry I left the Moga page half-done; Transformers: Legends recently came out and I've been doing WIki work for that. I'll finish when I get a chance and start adding missing Moga pages and whatnot.

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