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    Umm... Some help?

    September 30, 2011 by CattailsWelove

    Hi! I'm CattailsWelove. I'm here to ask some of you HELPFUL contributors to help me out on Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands Wiki. But there are things you need to know:

    • Mogas on Zodiac Islands are DIFFERENT than the ones from Facebook, but some of them remains in the game.
    • Catch Rates are DIFFERENT than the ones on Facebook version
    • Do NOT show off and comment about stuff like Mogas you've caught.
    • Do NOT post something NOT about Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands
    • The map of Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands is DIFFERENT than the one from facebook.
    • In order to contribute there, you must have Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands.

    Link :

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  • CattailsWelove

    I have about 8 epic mogas and 6 legendary mogas.

    Coyolt : Rouges Rendevous or whatever that ship is called. * Caught It *

    Winja : Thornwood , Rue Morgue, Heavenly greens cemetary* Caught It *

    Tiano : Between Sandsink and Sandtown* Caught it *

    Orbz : Between Ahabs Abyss and mangrove shallows * Caught it *

    Staryak and Messi: The place where you'll always find sheep mogas * Caught em both *

    Unitaur : Anywhere in the desert until you reach biting coast. * Caught it *

    Melodee : Near Windhym * Caught it *

    Zeppelin : Titan's Staircase * Caught it *

    Pudgy : At the Shadowmire areas

    Syrene : Swirly dump

    Zeit : Saltspawn Pool * Caught it *

    Cactoo : At desert areas

    Plasmians , Lumo and Leon : Lapis forest. Luzili's grove , lapis forest and greensteps. ( Caught pla‚Ķ

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