Umbranine is a starter moga. It's star sign is Leo and can be chosen from either itself, Titus or Radiojack.

It has dark fur and glowing yellow eyes. Its official description is as follws:


'"Umbranines are the manifestation of a shadowy demon that bathes in moonlight. They are said to run faster than the wind and to slip like sand through the thickest walls. If you spot an Umbranine, consider yourself lucky. Its prey never gets the chance." 

ScreenHunter 01 Feb 16 18 21


Zodiac: Leo

Class: Striker

Rarity: Uncommon


Zodiac attackEdit

  • Nightshade (default)
  • Nightshade 2 (level 7)
  • Nightshade 3 (level 11)
  • Duskfall (upgraded)

Normal attackEdit

  • Kick (default)
  • Kick 2 (level 5)
  • Roundhouse (upgraded)

Special attackEdit

  • Blind (default)
  • Blind 2 (level 2)
  • Blind 3 (level 9)


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