"No one knows who puts the jingly bells around the necks of Staryaks, but everyone knows not to try and take them off."


  • Spiral Road</li>
  • Heavenly Greens Gate</li>
  • Northside==Basic== Zodiac: Taurus Rarity: Super Rare


    Physical Attack Zodiac Attack Special Attack

    Zodiac Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

    3x Super Effective

    2x More Effective

    1x More Effective

    2x Less Effective

    3x Less Effective

    --Moga Dex, Monster Galaxy


        • Bodyslam
        • Loping Lavender
        • Time Warp
        • Aquarius
        • Libra
        • Gemini
        • Pisces
        • Scorpio
        • Taurus
        • Virgo
        • Capricorn
        • Cancer
        • Aries
        • Sagittarius
        • Leo


    • Staryaks are obviously from both of the word 'star' and their species, 'yak' which is a type of roughly hairy bovine.
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