Sno is a small husky like Moga with a Star on his forehead that is a Scorpio Starter. Sno are very friendly and loyal, which is probably why many aspiring Moga Tamers seek them out.





Zodiac Strengths and Weaknesses
Aries x1(More/Normal)
Taurus x1(More/Normal)
Gemini -x3(-Triple/Weakest)
Cancer x3(Triple/Strongest)
Leo x1(More/Normal)
Virgo x3(Triple/Strongest)
Libra -x3(-Triple/Weakest)
Scorpio x1(More/Normal)
Saggitarius -x2(-Double/Weak)
Capricorn x2(Double/Strong)
Aquarius -x3(-Triple/Weakest)
Pisces x3(Triple/Strongest)


Physical: Kick; A body-to-body strike that does a fairly consistent amount of damage. Zodiac: Playful Bite; A magical attack that varies depending on how the Mogas' zodiac signs compare.

Special: Zodiac Armor; Increased defense against Zodiac attacks.


Starter , MadBeetch River , MadBeetch Rapids en este lugar no estan

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