Zodiac Sign Edit

The King of EYES. Worst feared Legendary moga. this moga weakens the enemy


Shadowstrike provokes fear with two huge false eyes on its wings and toothlike claws.Not that it needs this menacing facade as it is a truly formidable fighter.


Shadowstrike can only be obtained by evolving Winja.


Shadowstrike is an Legendary Moga.

Shadowstrike is balanced class. Its attack is four stars and its defence is also four stars.


Shadowstrike evolves from Winja! You need 4 Winja to evolve into Shadowstrike.


Physical Attack : Round house

Upgraded Physical Attack : Roundhouse(Level 15)

Zodiac Attack: Night Eyes

Upgraded Zodiac Attack: Fellswoop(Level 15)

Special Ability : Confuse (Opponent may forget to take a turn)

Random Ability : Cripple [Reduces opponents's MAX HP]

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