Shadowstar is a "Rare" Aquarius Moga

It evolves from six Owlreed




Shadowstar is a bipedal Moga that ressembles a chimp unlike Owlreed it's more Chimp-like than bird-like it some chimp traits are the long purple red-tipped tail used for hanging on trees, long muscular legs that have little cloud like fur for swift actions, it has arms that have the same cloud like fur and it has hands instead of wings, it also has a chimp head and a yellow star on its chest.

But shadowstar does show some similarities from Owlreed like: it's big menacing yellow eyes, the same "feathers" on its head and the fact that it's purple and the cloud like patterns  


"All the fighting spirit of an Owlreed but ith the tiny balled up fists to give you a real 

honest punching!"

Game LocationsEdit

Shadowstar can't be found in the wild evolve Owlreed (x6)


  • Punch


Shadowstar is a "Rare" Moga



These Mogas are "Striker" Mogas as their attack is higher than its defense.

Attack: 3.5 Stars

Defense: 1.5  Stars

Name OriginEdit

Shadowstar derrives from the combination of the word shadow (a sillouhette or figure of someone or something) and strike (to hit or attack)

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