Scud Profile

Scuds are Mogas under the classification of Aquarius.


Scuds are Aquarius Mogas in the shape of Fourth of July rockets, which suits the time in which they can be found roaming all over the place in the 2011 Fourth of July event. Their main enemies are the eagle-like Bladewings, since they eat the same types of food: salmon, rabbits and the hot dogs of slow witted men. Their level is equalt to that of the highest level Moga on your team, and their capture rating is Beginner. Recently though, the Scuds and Bladewings have united to wreak havoc and Nova gives you a quest to capture one of these energetic little rascals along with a Bladewing.




Bodyslam: A somewhat with high damage and poor chance for a critical hit.

Red Glare: Zodiac Attack

Time Warp: Increase your chance of altering the timeline to gain an extra turn.

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