A flying fiend with an icy cold exterior and a chilly gaze, Saphirz can make anyone stop dead in his tracks. Zodiac':' Pisces

Class: Balanced

Attack: 3.5

Defense: 3.5

'Rarity': Epic Location: Can be Purchased for Moga Cash During the Month of October.

I got him from 15 moga cash spin with a chance of like 15%


Saphirz >             Frostfang             >             Gravedigger

(See Evolution Chart For More Information) 


Physical Attack: Kick ,Kick 2 (lvl 2)

Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Z-Attack: Jewel Blitz

Upgraded Z-Attack: Starbomber1 level 15

Special Ability: Poison Trap, Poison Trap 2 (lvl 5)

Other Ability: Blind 15%

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