Pueblonia is the second map after Sunshire. It must be unlocked by reaching Lombards Rafting Inc , which is at the bottom of the Sunshire map.

List of Pueblonia Locations (Incomplete)Edit

  • Titans Staricase
  • Electrotter sound
  • Fingerland Point
  • Cape Fang
  • Portal o Ruins
  • Otterdam
  • Ottos House
  • Sinalta Plaza
  • Sinalta Field
  • Biting Coast
  • Sandshard City
  • Surf City
  • Sanctuary Isle
  • Talonsweep Point
  • Citadel of Prophecy
  • Citadel Entrance
  • Fatewater
  • Evergreen Terraces
  • Rogues Rendezvous
  • Sandsink
  • Rude Dunes
  • Sandtown
  • Lobster Tornado
  • Pueblonia City Gates
  • Great Bazaar
  • Super Bazaar
  • Parapets of Dawn
  • Princes Perch
  • Royal Battledome
  • DungenessDock
  • Swirly Dump
  • Reeking Flats
  • Marshamarsha Marsh
  • Saltspawn Pool
  • Ahabs Abyss

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