NPC pierre

We love his hat feather

Pierre is the Child Sultan who rules Pueblonia. According to Ricky, "rumor has it that he’s controlled by his cruel advisor, Kareem Abdul". Nova sends you to defeat him (after defeating his two guards, Arturo and Kit, at the Parapets of Dawn and Prince’s Perch, respectively) because he "is giving Moga tamers a bad name". So you get to go "teach him a lesson in humility".

Unlike the other Pueblonia inhabitants(with the exception of the oracle) met thus far, Pierre has green eyes instead of brown. He wears a rich clothes with many large gems, and a hat with a very long feather.

Battle InfoEdit

When you battle him, his mogas are lvl 32 mogas. Buffant, Anboo and, Orbz.Edit


Pierre: What? You actually made it through the guards? No way!

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