General Edit

Mimpi is an "Epic" Scorpio moga

It evolves from using five Teef




Mimpi is a quadruped Moga similar to sheep it has a rounded body, a small head, peach colored skin with white fluffy wool covering its entire body except for the face, feet and ears, it has big cerulean eyes stubby legs, it has a big rounded tail with a white tip, it also has big long blue striped horns that it uses to stab its foes with and it also has a a blue feather and a bell attached to its red collar.

Entry Edit

"These furry Mogas use their long horns to protect their herd from predators by decapitating them."

Game Location Edit

Evolve Teef

Attacks Edit

Rarity Edit

Mimpi is an "Epic" Moga

Stats Edit

These Mogas are "Balanced Mogas as their attack is the same as its defense.

Attack: 3.5 Stars

Defense: 3.5 Stars

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