General Edit

Melodee is a "Super Rare" Virgo moga

it is not known to evolve into any other moga.

Appearence Edit

Melodee (2)
Melodee is a bipedal moga that resembles a fairy. it has purple eyes wit orange and twinkles, it has purple eyebrows, it also has a pink wing like frill protruding from its head, it also seems to have a golden ring hovering around its waist and also it has floating hearts which seem to revolve around it.

Despite its seemingly adorable looks it said to have dark and malevolent emotions and to express it; they coo.


"Within their pink exteriors, Melodees conceal a nightmarish psyche of unspeakable horrors. they express these dark emotion with gentle cooing."

Game LocationsEdit

Melodee can be found in Windhym Roadway and Windhym Gardens.


Physical attack: KickEdit

Upgraded physical attack : RoundhouseEdit

Zodiac attack: Promise Ring Edit

Special attack: Poison trap Edit


super rare


It is a "Balanced" moga as its attack is = to its defense

Attack 3 stars

Defense 3 stars

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