"These fluffy green goats can't help but get into mischief, even though they continually promises their parole officers that they'll behave. When they're not eating private property, they're using their horns to cave bad words into fences and barns." - Moga Dex Entry

Meh has X mouth, a fish tail and a bad personality.

Location of Meh :Edit

  • Spiral Path
  • Spiral Road
  • Northside
  • Heavenly Greens Gate

Zodiac Sign :Edit

  • Capricorn


Physical AttacksEdit

  • Kick 1 - 3 ( Lvl. 1 - 19 )
  • Roundhouse 1 - 3 ( Lvl. 20 and above )

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Chewy Chomp ( Lvl. 1 - 19 )
  • Pachewy Chomp ( Lvl. 20 and above )

Special AttackEdit

  • Zodiac Vulnerability

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