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Lambo is a goat-like Moga which has a heart on its chest. It can be commonly located in Summer Roads, Warmwood, and Summer Field.



"Lambos have a sassy attitude and will try to manipulate you with their big, irresistable eyes."

-- Moga Dex, Monster Galaxy

Profile PageEdit

Monster Galaxy Lambo


  • Monster's Name: Lambo
  • Zodiac Breed: Capricorn
  • Rarity: Training


Physical AttacksEdit

  • Kick : Level 1-3
  • Roundhouse

Zodiac Attacks Edit

  • Affection : Level 1-3

Special Attacks Edit

  • Zodiac Weakness : Level 1-4
  • Zodiac Weakness 2

Random AbilityEdit



  • Heart was the name of this species before they changed it to Lambo in Monster Galaxy.

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