Kit is the second of the Child Sultan's guards. She is the "second greatest tamer in Pueblonia". She has dark brown, curly hair and brown eyes. She wears the same uniform as the first guard, Arturo. If you beat her, she advises you to "leave Pueblonia while you still can."

Battle InfoEdit

You fight Kit at the Prince's Perch, against her lvl 29 Roarstache and Knightaur.


Kit: Only skunks and chumps come from Windhym, and you don’t look like a skunk to me. Prepare to be owned by the second greatest tamer in Pueblonia!

<If you win>

Kit: Well fought. You seem like an honest tamer with a bright future. My advice to you: leave Pueblonia while you can.

<after the "Quest Complete!" pops up>

Kit: Our sultan will certainly defeat you, and his advisor is a stern, merciless man.

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