You`ll first meet Jezabelle at Rogues Rendevous. She tells you that she's a princess and that a wild moga stole her purse which contains her "royal id card", without which she can't get back into the palace. This is first of her two quests- find her purse at Sandsink, but upon defeating the wild moga at Sandsink, you`ll notice that there is no purse and your watch is gone. You return to Rogues Rendevous and have to fight her moga (a Coyotl, an epic moga, so this is a good chance to catch one!) to get your watch back. Afterword, she gives you a key she stole that can open a chest (which looks remarkably like Skylar's Chest that you can find at your Home) if you promise not to turn her in because she's "got a good thing going here". The chest has to find somewhere between Sand Sink to Rude Dunes. The key and chest is the second quest she gives you.

She resembles a gypsy or fortune teller, with lots of jewelry, a shawl, baggy pants, and a short bodice.