Virgo Gravedigger Virgo
"A powerful undead dragon of untold power. Gravedigger breathes necrotic energy that drains its enemies of life and consumes their souls upon the destruction of their bodies."
Class Balanced
Attack StarStarStarStarStar
Defense StarStarStarStarStar
Rarity Galactic

a very strong aura with uncontrollable power.once u get it. All mogas are finished


Physical AttackEdit

  • Bodyslam
  • Piledriver (lv 20+)

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Hot Blooded

Special AbilityEdit

  • Vampire Embrance


GraGravedigger looks like a skeleton dragon with energy on all of its body.


A level 8 of these in ENOUGH to survive 10 levels!!!!

it is the leader of the dark scrolls team (saphirz and frostfang )

They first appeared (at summer field or at west summer road) when the dark scrolls were first added to the sky shop.Gravedickker

Gravedigger can tear your enemies like paper.

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