"This radical whale surfs both sea and sky! Watch out, bro!"

-- Mogadex, Monster Galaxy


Gnarwhale is one of the new mogas added in early April, 2011. His appearance is a whale in ocean blue with wings instead of fins, no eyes and having a horn.

Profile PageEdit

Gnarwhale profile


  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Rarity: Rare


Physical AttackEdit

  • Punch (1-3)
  • Uppercut (upgraded)

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Bellyflop (1-3)
  • Headstab (upgraded)

Special Attack and Random AbilityEdit

  • Disease
  • Stoneskin


none, Actually i found him somewhere around the beach in the middle, not in the swirly places around the dock and beach

Pisces common collection reward changed to evolution potion x3


Gnarwhale can evolve into gnarknight

You will need 5 Gnarwhales


  • It`s name is close to Narwhal .
  • it was first an aquarius but then the second series of the mogadex its now a pisces

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