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Most birds collect twigs to make their nest. Bladewing collects scrap metal

to make into weapons and armor.

Bladewing is an eagle-like Libra Moga found roaming all over during the 2011 Fourth of July event, along with the rocket-like Aquarius Mogas called the Scuds, which are their main enemy. They both eat the same types of food: salmon, rabbits, and the hot dogs of slow-witted men. Nova says she once saw a Bladewing take down five Scuds just to get a half-eaten sausage. Recently though, the Scuds and Bladewings have united and they're wreaking havoc all over the world of Monster Galaxy, and it's up to you to capture one of each to maintain the balance of the wild.

Bladewing's capture rating is Epic

its level is equal to that of the highest level Moga super rare or epicLink title

Location: Can be found anywhere in sunshire or in west road


Physical attack:

Kick (1-3) ---> upgrades to Roundhouse 1 at level 11

Zodiac Attack:

Razorbeak ---> upgrades to Flying Lancer at level 15

Special Ability:

Vampire Embrace (Gain health from successful attacks)

Confuse (Random Ability from using flying lancer)

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