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  • Anee is a "Common" Pisces Moga
  • It evolves into Anini with the use of 4 Anee's

Appearance Edit

Anee is based on sea anemone


Entries Edit

Monster Galaxy (Original) = "Anee used to be a loose confederation of single-celled organisms, but together they're bigger and Stronger."

Monster Galaxy Zodiac Islands = "Anee is a loose confederation of single-celed organisms that united for tax reasons."

Game Locations Edit

Location: Sandswirl BeachMangrove Shallows, Shellstone BeachfrontShellstone LighthouseBushfallSandswirl Shrubwalk,Sandshard IsletSurf CityTalonsweep Point,Sanctuary Isle

Attacks Edit

Physical Attack: Kick Upgraded Physical Attack: Roundhouse

Zodiac Attack: Squiggle Upgraded Zodiac Attack: Wriggle

Special Attack: Clumsy 

Other Ability: Deaden

Rarity Edit

Anee is a "Common Moga"

Stats Edit

These Mogas are "Tank Mogas" as their attack is lower than its defense.

Attack: 1 Stars

Defense: 2.5 Stars

Anee are found near the water, and they put up a somehow hard fight. Remember to get your whistles!

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