"Thanks to its big ears, the Alyx has excellent hearing and balance. They often overhear things that they aren't supposed to, giving them a better understanding of what's going on. Because of this, they often have smug superior attitudes."




Basic StatsEdit

Zodiac: Leo

Rarity: Beginner

Battle StatsEdit

Attack: 1 star

Defense: 1 star

Physical AttackEdit

  • Kick
  • Roundhouse (upgraded)

Zodiac AttackEdit

  • Catapult
  • Feral Fire (upgraded)

Special AbilityEdit

  • Zodiac Armor (increased defense against zodiac attacks)

Random Ability - Zodiac Weakness


  • Shadowmire Edge
  • Miasma Depths
  • Shadowmire Bulwark
  • Darkwood Vault
  • East Summer Road

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